The Seagull and the Urn


Published in India by Harper Collins  (150 pp.)

Rights sold to:
* UK (Accent Press)
* Czech Republic



The Seagull And The Urn is a blend of magical realism, fantasy, and science fiction. It centers around a baby, March, who was born with the ability to sing. She also never closes her eyes and can’t sleep. As a result, the town wants to perform tests on her, but her parents send her away to live a safer life. As the story progresses, March grows up and learns about her past, and she goes back to her hometown to find her true parents.

“Whatever I was expecting, I was not expecting to be quite as blown away as I was. The Sea Singer is a genuinely beautiful, strange and brilliant novel. It combines the matter-of-fact eccentricity of Daniel Wallace’s Big Fish with the magical beauty of Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children.”
Katie Lumsden

“Following a young girl who has never slept and sang as soon as she was born, The Sea Singer is a magical tale that transports you into a world filled with people who fear the unknown and different and shun people who exhibit traits as such.”
Heather Reviews