To The Western Ice


Published in Norway by Cappelen Damm, 2016 (140 pp.)

Rights sold to:
* Denmark (Jensen & Dalgaard)
* Germany (Osburg Verlag)
* Russia (Paulsen LLC)

Film Rights sold to:
Einar Film, Norway
(co-owned by Morten Tyldum, Oscar nominee for best director for the motion picture The Imitiation Game).



At the start of the seal-hunting season a sailboat leaves the quay at Tromsø. On board is a young, newly qualified vet on her first tour of inspection for The Fisheries Department. She is alone with a crew of seal-catchers and hunters, and will be with them in the icy wilderness around Greenland for six weeks.
The narration in Til Vestisen is vigorous on every page, consistent in style and shocking and uncompromising in content.

“With the help of subdued language rich with association, and brief, vivid flashbacks to events out at sea in the arctic, the author builds the tension with a sure hand. Tor Even Svanes writes in a confident style, developing a well-planned plot in To the Western Ice, a novel that deserves to be read by many.”

“He carries the sequences of the plot forward in short sentences, taking the reader with him. Unease takes hold. It is done well, and identification with the main character is supreme. And it all really rests on a simple premise: The author knows when to stop.”

“Svanes borrows techniques from thriller literature and creates an intense and concentrated psychological drama in the confines of the seal-hunting ship, where anything can happen at any time.  To the Western Ice is a significant, consistent, uncompromising and disturbing novel.”
Stavanger Aftenblad